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Josh Ross A. is a cyclist by passion and cycling is his hoppy. He is from United States, although he prefers riding in the desert over riding in the rain. He can cheerfully talk for hours about the intricacies of bicycle technology, but he also understands that most consumers just want things to function. He’s a road rider at heart, and it doesn’t matter if the routes are paved, dirt, or digital. Although he rarely races, he will ride from sunrise to sunset if you ask him.
With a background in web content, blogging, and product copywriting, I help put your story into words that connect with your audience. By creating a clear, coherent message, you’ll attract more customers, and exclusive blog content will keep you on their radar.
As My work experience for local company was creating thousands of Amazon product descriptions.
Later, I started my own copywriting business so I could work remotely for clients in a variety of industries – tattoo removal, quickie divorces, British chocolate, everything in between.
My experience with clients in the pet industry was life-changing. It was very rewarding to write for and about pets. It is wonderful to have that sense of “something larger than myself” – I care about better animal treatment and the overindulgence of our pets.
Currently, I work mostly with businesses in the Cycling industry, but I also work with businesses that do not deal with pets. My main goal is to connect people with great products. I can help more pet owners find the right solutions when I make your business visible online with engaging web content. Those things are what re ally make writing for and about businesses in the pet industry worthwhile to me.

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