Lucky Dog Red Pull-Behind Dog Bicycle Trailer

The Lucky Dog Red Pull-Behind Dog Bicycle Trailer Dog Bicycle Trailer is a chariot-style trailer that carries attractive looks and a sleek design.

In addition, the standard and high-tech superlative features are the valuable highlight of this Rage Powersports model.

While the trailer is only a trailer and does not offer stroller conversion but all exclusive features, safety and comfort make it top best pet bike trailer on the market so far.

The simplistic red dog trailer features high-end safety and comfort factors as well as well-engineered features which all together make this trailer the best and most useful bargain.

The promising features of the trailer are very well inspired by other exclusive trailer collections produced by Rage Powersports.

Lucky Dog Red Pull-Behind Dog Bicycle Trailer

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The highlight of Lucky Dog Red Pull-Behind Dog Bicycle TrailerReview

The bright red with the minor grey color of Rage Powersports Red Pull-Behind Dog Bicycle Trailer makes it an eye candy and a pleasure to watch. Moreover, the bright color of the trailer also enhances the visibility on the road and prevents any ill-fated accidents.

The fine array of top-notch features of the pet bike trailer makes it a worthy purchase for all pet owners eager to buy a reliable, functional, and long-lasting trailer.

Below we have mentioned a detailed Lucky Dog Red Pull-Behind Dog Bicycle Trailer Review with all the prominent features that are the center of attraction to this pet trailer.

Let’s explore an overview of this best pet trailer to offer overall insight to the buyers to give an idea of the product.

  • Exterior & interior

The Lucky Dog Red Pull-Behind Dog Bicycle Trailer under 200$ has a chariot-style, sleek design and a beautiful appearance caused by bright red and grey color.

As all know, rage Powersports uses extremely best build quality with the combo of high standard engineering; this pet bike trailer is one of the results of this ultimate expertise by the manufacturer.

The trailer is manufactured with a heavy-duty steel frame along with top quality powder coat finish.

This build of the trailer makes it ultra-reliable and durable as well as it is light in weight. The beautiful exterior of the trailer consists of a steel body and a water-resistant nylon fabric.

These both are the reasons for the trailer’s sleek and lavish exterior, while the steel tube also supports the frame of the trailer.

In addition, the exterior of the trailer also features various mesh-vented windows which significantly increase airflow and seemingly enhance the visibility of the pet during the trip.

20 inches inflatable molded and rust-free rims, wheels enable the user to tow a pet trailer very easily although users need to have a hand pump to inflate tires.

It has a spacious and wide interior cabin that measures around 29″L x 20″W x 24.5″H, this much space allows the pet to move easily. Also, the non-slip pad and padded straps inside the trailer increase the pet’s security and also prevent him/her from escaping.

  • Protection

The trailer features 2 in one canopy, and mesh windows are fitted on each side to increase airflow or maximum ventilation. Similarly, the transparent plastic roll-down window covers can secure pets from raindrops, debris, or other environmental elements.

These clear mesh windows can be rolled up if not in use and rolled down if the weather is not clear.

There is a padded strap inside the cabin to protect or prevent the pet from escaping, while the non-slip pad also protects the pet.

The pet trailer has dual opening doors, front opening and rear opening doors to enable pets to easily load or unload. There are reflectors on both sides for the highest security reasons although the detachable and removable handle is also available.

  • Value

The pet trailer by the renowned manufacturer has won the hearts of users, therefore it is rated great. Those pet owners who have a low budget should consider this pet bike trailer to rock the roads out along with your pets.

  • Easy to use

The pet bicycle trailer is easier to assemble and very easy to fold down, users need to remove the wheels and collapse the trailer frame with ease and store it in even a narrow place.

The trailer comes with a universal style hitch which fits best with most bicycles easily.

The pet bike trailer can accommodate medium and some large dog breeds with a maximum weight limit of 85 lbs. however, the experts recommend that first, you need to consider the weight and dimension of the pet and check out the trailer’s measurements to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

  • Best application

The pet bike trailer is the best fit for weekend riders, regular riders, or else. The secure and high-quality wheels feature added suspension and offer bump-free rides to both riders and pets.


  • Inexpensive trailer
  • A large and spacious cabin
  • It provides high-end performance with improved functionality
  • Sleek and stylish look
  • Water-resistant nylon fabric covering
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Durable and reliable
  • Spacious interior and cabin
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Universal hitch attachment
  • Padded straps for ultimate safety
  • Mesh windows for maximum visibility and optimal airflow
  • Plastic roll-down window covers
  • 20-inch pneumatic wheels work better and smooth on sidewalks, pavement, short grass, and pebble trails
  • Dual entrance doors front and rear door openings
  • Maximum weight limit 85 lbs
  • Reflectors include on both sides
  • Compatible with most bicycles


  • Limited weight recommended
  • Do not offer stroller conversion


The Lucky Dog Red Pull-Behind Dog Bicycle Trailer is the perfect canine bike trailer that enables you to carry your pet (weight limit should be considered before) and has all the fun of the ride.

Instead on weekends you can take your pet along and do all the groceries while the spacious cabin and extra storage place help you to keep stuff.

Now you and your favorite pet can have all the outdoor fun together so don’t be late to grab your red dog bicycle trailer.

Moreover, the affordable price of the trailer is an exception also it features all high-tech and the best safety and comfort factors same as any expensive trailer.

All those out there willing to purchase an affordable pet bike trailer should choose rage Powersports Red Pull-Behind Dog Bicycle trailer.

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