PT-20304 Rage Power sports Dog Bike Carrier Bicycle Pet Trailer

The Rage Powersports Blue 2-in-1 Pull-Behind Dog Bike Carrier Bicycle Pet Trailer has a chariot style with uniqueness in design and most importantly it carried all top-class features.

The spacious cabin, lavish and exclusive design, highly ventilated mesh windows, easiest stroller conversion, and a lot more other features make Rage Powersports the most prior high-end choice for all pet owners.

This 2 in one trailer is the smartest way to take your pet along on biking trips, vet visits, jogging or anywhere with you.

Now you can enjoy outdoor fun with such promising high-quality Rage Powersports, and the high-tech performance of the trailer really worth your investment.

PT-20304 Rage Power sports Dog Bike Carrier Bicycle Pet Trailer

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The highlight of Rage Powersports Blue 2-in-1 Pull-Behind Dog Bicycle Trailer Review

The promising style and design of Rage Powersports boosted with high-tech, superlative features come in a top-notch functional trailer.

This trailer, the stroller is surely the purchase that will prove worthy to all pet owners who always love their pets and want to be with them most of the time.

This 2-in-one trailer rage Powersports offers the incredibly highest functionality, durability, and reliability. With this in mind, we have compiled a detailed Rage Powersports Blue 2-in-1 Pull-Behind Dog Bike Carrier Bicycle Pet Trailer along with all prominent features that altogether make it stand out.

Let’s start the overview of features included in the Rage Powersports 2-in-1 pet trailer:

  • Appearance Design, interior, and cabin

As compared to other expensive trailers, the Rage Powersports Blue 2-in-1 Pet Trailer has everything that makes a pet trailer lavish style and exclusive design carrier, the most comfortable, secure, and easy-to-use trailer.

The rage Powersports is highly durable and light in weight, all because of the heavy-duty aluminum used in the construction of the frame. This lightweight two-in-one trailer offers ultimate ease to tow when it is used as a bike trailer also easier to push when it is used as a stroller.

It carried beautiful colors and a superlative unique design that is quite different and stylish from others. The chariot-style 2-in-1 trailer has a large exterior made up of high-quality nylon, it is also water-resistant. Similarly, the safe and stylish mesh windows are very well-fitted all over the trailer to increase ventilation.

These well-ventilated mesh windows also increase the beauty and looks of the trailer as well as allow the pet to explore its surroundings.

Moreover, the sufficiently large and sturdy enough rear wheels enhance the smooth performance and extravagant looks of the trailer, and stroller.

  • Protection

The trailer and the stroller feature mesh windows for maximum ventilation in the spacious cabin while these mesh windows protect pets from irritating bugs or other elements.

On the other hand, these mesh windows can be covered with a canopy, and the plastic roll-down cover, as well as these,  can be rolled up if not in use.

The Rage Powersports trailer has front and back rear doors that offer easy access to your pets.

2 in one trailer also features the finest storage area to keep extra stuff although the reflectors on four sides of the trailer and long enough visibility flag which altogether protect riders and pets from an unfortunate incident.

  • Value

Rage Powersports 2-in-1 pet bike trailer has got each and every factor that adds its name among the top pet bike trailers in the market these days. It is the assurance of manufacturers that your pet will have a great experience by using this Rage Powersports pet trailer on the trip or ride.

This trailer is designed with top-class features and high-tech safety aesthetics which offer a real treat to pet owners and their pets.

Several users and experts are highly recommended this trailer to all those pet owners having large or tall dogs. This pet trailer with the cabin’s dimension of 29.25″L x 19.5″W x 24″H makes it a perfect fit for tall or large breed dogs.

  • Easy to use

The rage Powersports blue pet trailer is amongst the best-rated pet trailers, which are not only safe and comfortable but also easier to use. It is easier to assemble and the user will not need any tool as well as it is extremely easy to convert into a stroller as the front wheel swivel very well for jogging.

The trailer is compact enough, as the collapsible frame makes it easier to fold down for storage and transportation. With all these, the trailer includes a universal style hitch which is made in a way to compliment most bikes of 24 inches to 28 inches.

  • Best application

Rage Powersports has been recognized for its high-end model and production, this 2 in one trailer is the result of top-notch techniques and high-quality materials. The trailer is best fit for long rides and short rides, jogging and exercising, as it provides bump-free ride even on uneven surfaces.


  • Cost-effective & affordable rates
  • High-end performance
  • Stylish looks and design
  • Highest durable and light in weight
  • The exterior of the trailer is made of high-quality nylon
  • Easier to assembled
  • It can easily convert into a stroller without any tool
  • Multiple mesh-vented windows
  • 20 inches two molded rims, rear wheels along with 12 inches swivel front wheel
  • Front and rear door openings
  • Universal style hitch works with most 24″ to 28″ bikes
  • It can accommodate two large dogs or even very large dogs
  • Universal-style bike hitch compatible with most 24 inches to 28 inches bikes
  • Offer maximum weight limit of 130 lbs


  • The front wheel shows some issues in swiveling
  • Not accommodate lean dogs along the tall dog
  • Trailer is heavy


With the Rage Powersports Blue 2-in-1 pet bicycle trailer, it is no anymore a big deal to take your pet along at the riding time.

The spacious, well-ventilated interior of the trailer provides wider space for pets to move around even pet owners can store or keep their stuff or even blankets in the cabin.

Moreover, this pet trailer features multiple mesh-vented windows, two entrance doors, easy stroller conversion, and much more.

The Rage Powersports should be the prior choice for all pet owners who are wise enough and love their pets a lot.

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